Transform Yourself



“I want more energy”

“I need to figure out how to prioritize “me””

“I want better digestion”

“I am tired of diets, but want practical solutions to losing weight”

“I want better sleep”

“I am tired of trendy fitness programs and calorie counting”

“I just don’t feel like myself, but my doctor says there is nothing wrong with me”

“I am tired of feeling stressed out and tired”

“I want healthier solutions for my family”

Sound familiar? Then let me guide you  so you can find your rhythm – and reach your potential!  Taking your unique mind/body constitution into consideration, I will develop a customized wellness plan for you so you will have the tools and support you need to meet your goals. Wellness Consultations may include:

  • Comprehensive wellness assessment to establish your unique mind/body constitution and any imbalances
  • Herbal Support
  • Dietary recommendations specific to your unique constitution
  • Exercise recommendations specific to your unique constitution
  • Aromatherapy
  • Minful Movement:  Pilates and/or Yoga (breathing, meditation, asana)
  • Journaling
  • Daily routine recommendations to help you find your rhythm
  • Cultivation of positive habits that supports you
  • Troubleshooting obstacles
  • Support and inspiration to keep you motivated
  • More!

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