Pilates Hotty is a call to action. It’s a campaign to encourage us to be peaceful, with ourselves. Join The Movement — Embrace your inner Pilates Hotty.

Pilates Hotty Mantra

Be The Change You Wish to See In Yourself

A Pilates Hotty appreciates and loves her body, no matter what shape or size, for all that it does for her.

A Pilates Hotty is dedicated to a strong core, both on the inside and out, she doesn’t need a mirror.

A Pilates Hotty has her own personal brand of style, her own independent strength, and power, with an inner fire she glows.

A Pilates Hotty is strong, balanced and flexible in mind, body and soul. She laughs, she grows.

Through pilates movement, she transforms herself into her highest potential. She makes a difference to herself, and others. She is the change she sees in herself.

Transform Yourself. Join the Movement. Be A Pilates Hotty.